7 Go To Mobility Scooter Brands [For Different Types Of Mobility Scooters]

I know Its easy when first trying to find a mobility scooter to become overwhelmed.

There are so many different variables, so many different comparisons, so many different places to look…

…after reading this article you will never be overwhelmed like this again.

The best place to start would be the top rated brands.


Because they’re successful and have proven themselves trustworthy and reliable to their customers.

So without any further ado and in no particular order…

…here are the top 7 best rated mobility scooter brands:

1. Drive Medicaldrive medical mobility scooter, mobility scooter best brands comparison

Drive Medical was originally called Medical Depot Inc. when it was formed in 2000.

However they changed their name to Drive to reflect their constant and ongoing passion for innovation.

They are absolutely committed to improving and ensuring that they produce only the highest standard products possible.

They develop and manufacture a whole heap of home medical equipment and they have a fantastic line up of mobility scooters.

I said that this list is in no particular order, but I’ve put Drive Medical firstĀ  for the reason that I personally think they offer the best mobility scooter for any situation.

You can read the review of that mobility scooter by following this link:

==> http://livingmobileagain.com/

Since their creation this brand has taken the world by storm – literally.

You can find out more about them by going to their website here.

Check out this brand if you are looking for:

  • Travel mobility scooters
  • Compact mobility scooters
  • Heavy duty mobility scooters
  • Deluxe mobility scooters
  • All-terrain mobility scooters

2. Pride Mobilitypride mobility scooters, go go mobility scooter, pride mobility scooter review

Pride are an old company, starting in the 1980’s.

Through the years they have expanded and are now one of the larger international manufacturers of mobility scooters.

It’s rare to see a company that is so UNIVERSALLY RESPECTED!

Like Drive Medical they offer other mobility aids, but do limit themselves to focus solely on mobility products.

Their Go-Go Travel mobility scooter is practically legendary at this stage.

What’s great about this company though is that they are famous for honoring their customer’s warranties.

Once your under coverage you will never have to fight with them over their warranty…

…they really do take pride in their work and will work to ensure that you get the absolute best experience out of their mobility scooters.

You can check them out at their website which can be found here.

Check out this brand if you are looking for:

  • Compact mobility scooters
  • Travel mobility scooters
  • Full size mobility scooters

3. EV Riderev rider mobility scooters, mobility scooter brand comparison, mobility scooter brands review

EV Rider has been in the mobility scooter game since 1996, manufacturing whole mobility scooters as well as parts.

They have a strong international presence.

They have a few series of travel scooters and all of them are well received.

EV rider have taken into consideration air travel and now many of their newer models coming out are being made explicitly to comply with airline safety regulations.

This is a great place to look for those of you who want to do a bit of traveling.

You may also gain some benefit out of the article I wrote on how to travel with a mobility scooter:

==> 4 Essential Tips On Flying With A Mobility Scooter [Its a lot easier than you think…]

Their website can be found through this link.

Check out this brand if you are looking for:

  • Travel mobility scooters
  • Fold up mobility scooters
  • Heavy duty mobility scooters

4. Golden Technologiesgolden technologies mobility scooter, mobility scooter companies, best mobility scooter companies

What do you think of when you hear the name of this brand?

Golden technologies offer a very prestigious line of mobility scooters.

They are a family owned company, born and bred in the US.

Founded in 1985, they got into the mobility scooter business in 1996 and immediately raised the standard of the industry.

Their motto is:

“Build it right the first time”

They take their line of mobility scooters very seriously and so you know…

…if their selling a mobility scooter, it must be good.

Because nothing but the best will do!

Their website can be found through this link.

Check out this brand if you are looking for:

  • Small mobility scooters
  • Mid-sized mobility scooters
  • Luxury mobility scooters

5. Afikimafikim mobility scooter, mobility scooter suppliers, best mobility scooter suppliers

Afikim is the first mobility scooter manufacturer on this list that is based outside of the US, they are based in Israel.

They’ve been around for a while – they were founded in 1978.

Like the other entries on this list Afikim’s mobility scooters really push for innovation and style.

As well as that however, Afikim also put quite a bit of thought into user convenience and comfort.

They feature everything from adjustable suspension to orthopedic seating and sturdy frames for their scooters…

…you really can’t go wrong with an Afikim mobility scooter.

They are a major international presence and have manufacturing facilities all over the world.

Their website can be found through this link.

Check out this brand if you are looking for:

  • Mid-sized mobility scooters
  • Full size mobility scooters

6. Solax Mobilitysolax mobility scooter, best mobility scooter brands

Solax mobility is a brand of mobility scooters that specialize in travel scooters.

Their Mobie range is world famous.

This company is not shy about boasting about how many features they’ve packed into their travel scooters…

On their website they boast that every single one of their mobility scooters are travel friendly!

They can be taken on pretty much any form of travel, whether your talking car, van, train, bus,, cruise or plane.

Many of them are automatic so that with the click of a button you can fold upĀ  your scooter and drag it around like a suitcase…

…no ramps required!

If this is the type of mobility scooter you are looking for then you should also check out this article to get a better sense of what is out there:

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Their website can be found through this link.

Check out this brand if you are looking for:

  • Lightweight mobility scooters
  • portable mobility scooters (both travel and foldable varieties)

7. Shoprider

shoprider mobility scooter, mobility scooter brands

I think you can tell what they are about from the name.

They began in the mobility scooter industry in 1988 and from the word go, their focus has been on customer service.

They are very selective and only sell their scooters through a carefully chosen selection of durable home medical equipment providers whose values align with theirs.

Their website can be found through this link.

Check out this brand if you are looking for:

  • Travel mobility scooters
  • Mid-size mobility scooters
  • Deluxe mobility scooters.