7 Outstanding Folding Mobility Scooters Of 2017 [Reviewing The Pros and Cons]

I’m sure that if you are just looking for a lightweight folding mobility scooter that all you want is a scooter that:

  1. Is easy to transport and won’t take up too much room
  2. Can reliably get you where you need to go
  3. Will be easy to use and set up rather than just being an annoying hindrance

Here you will find…

…that I’ve put together this list considering these requirements.

I genuinely believe these are the best performing folding mobility scooters out there.

I want to help you find the best folding mobility scooters that will actually serve your needs and not just showcase the most expensive ones out there.

The scooters  in this list are:

  • Practical
  • Reliable
  • Trusted

After the list I also offer some advice on choosing the best scooter for your own personal criteria.

So with that, lets get started.

Scroll down and try to imagine…

…which folding mobility scooter you can imagine packing up and throwing in the trunk before going to visit your grandkids…

…which folding mobility scooter you can imagine bringing on to a plane to go on vacation…

1. The Luggie Compact – An Electric Folding Mobility Scooter That Is Super Simple To Use

Luggie Compact, electric mobility scooter, folding mobility scooter reviews, foldable mobility scooter

Luggie Compact Electric Folding Mobility Scooter
Total Weight50 lbs
Range Per Charge11 miles
Top Speed4 mph
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Automatic FoldingNo
Battery TypeLi-Polymer

The Luggie series of portable travel mobility scooters is VERY popular.

They specialize in lightweight foldable scooters – there is quite literally no one that seems to match them.

I’ll get to the technical specifications in a minute…

…but first I want to mention what set this model apart and earned it a spot on this list – Its simplicity.

Look at the picture and just see how easy it is to fold and use.

Your life would be a breeze using this scooter…

…it’s just straightforward, to-the-point and does its job.

No excuses!

It can be taken anywhere and doesn’t take up a lot of room; car, bus, train, plane, cruise ship – you name it.

Despite its simple design it is anything but flimsy.

Its actually rather versatile and rugged and:

  • Can deal with inclines up to 6 degrees
  • Has an excellent weight capacity for a folding mobility scooter of 300 lbs
  • Has a decent turning radius of 36″

It does have a few drawbacks however including the fact that Luggie know they make good mobility scooters and that shows in the price.

Besides the price the ground clearance is an okay 2.5″ and the maximum speed is 4mph.

Although, depending on where you live, you wouldn’t use this scooter anywhere where you can legally go faster than 4mph, like on the road!

2. SmartScoot Lithium – An Easy To Transport Folding Mobility Scooter

SmartScoot Lithium, folding mobility scooter, mobility scooter for sale, best folding mobility scooter

SmartScoot Lithium
Total Weight300 lbs
Range per Charge7 mph
Top Speed12 miles
Weight Capacity40 lbs
Automatic FoldingNo
Battery TypeLithium-Ion (Airline Compliant)

The SmartScoot lithium is a very handy mobility scooter, specifically designed for people who lead an active lifestyle.

If you’re the kind of person who is never in the house you should definitely look into it.

Its a SOLID investment.

It has a number of advantages over the other mobility scooters out there that just cannot be glossed over, including:

  • It is the lightest mobility scooter available today. It only weighs 40 lbs when completely assembled!
  • It has three speed settings for different situations
  • Its frame is made of stainless steel, so it is both strong and rustproof
  • It uses a lithium-ion battery and so you can get a much longer range out of it for the same amount of charge.

Drawbacks include, again, the price…

…this is a scooter for someone who really wants to invest in a good model and travels a bit.

Another thing to watch out for is that the wheels are solid plastic or rubber, so although you can be sure they won’t puncture, you could have problem with traction on some surfaces.

This is a great mobility scooter.

Its fast, durable, reliable and most definitely portable!

3. Transformer – This Electric Folding Mobility Scooter Puts You In Control

mobility scooter review, electric folding mobility scooter, cheap mobility scooter, mobility scooter

Total Weight55 lbs
Range per Charge
13.5 miles
Top Speed3.7 mph
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Automatic FoldingYes
Battery TypeLithium-Ion (Airline Compliant)

This folding mobility scooter is a great scooter for those who desire comfort, even on the road.

Its not the lightest scooter, but it is compact and will fit in most car trunks.

Its difficult for an electric folding mobility scooter to be designed that ticks all the boxes…

…usually they are either easy to fold, but not that comfortable or they are comfortable but really unwieldy.

The Transformer however takes the hard work out of the equation for you.

Besides the manual folding option, you also get a remote control for your key chain that allows you to automatically and remotely fold it.

Although it performs well in the other categories you may be considering, such as the distance it can travel on a single charge or its weight capacity, it is by no means the best on this list.

You won’t go wrong with this scooter.

It is more than capable of meeting your needs.

4. E-Wheels – EW-02 – A Powerful Combination Of A Folding And Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

heavy duty mobility scooter review, folding mobility scooter

E-Wheels - EW-02
Total Weight184 lbs
Range per Charge43 miles
Top Speed15 mph
Weight Capacity500 lbs
Automatic FoldingNo
Battery TypeSealed Lead Acid


This scooter is amazing!

This is a folding mobility scooter on steroids!

It provides the best of two worlds – combining a heavy duty mobility scooter with a folding mobility scooter.

If you’re the adventurous type, then this is the scooter for you…

…it outperforms the other mobility scooters on this list in several characteristics which, depending on your situation, could be deal breakers:

  • It has a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs
  • It has a range of 43 miles per charge
  • It has a top speed of 15 mph and so can be taken onto roads
  • It can even seat two people (It includes a fold up backrest)

Of course you can’t have all of the benefits of each category without dragging in some of the disadvantages as well.

In this case, the scooter is on the heavier side and is quite bulky for a folding scooter and so may not be as portable as other models…

…but then again…

It has a range of 43 miles, you could drive it there instead!

This mobility scooter is great for someone who does a lot of outdoor traveling in particular or is on the heavier side.

5. EV Rider Transport – A “Jack-of-all-Trades”¬†Foldable Mobility Scooter

EV Rider, folding moility scooter review, electric mobility scooter review

EV Rider Transport
Total Weight60 lbs
Range per Charge15 miles
Top Speed4 mph
Weight Capacity250 lbs
Automatic FoldingNo
Battery TypeLithium-Ion

EV Rider’s Transport foldable mobility scooter is an excellent choice of scooter.

It’s one job is to make your life easier and it does this spectacularly:

  • It has a good range between charges
  • It is lightweight
  • It is compact and doesn’t take up to much room when not in use

Here’s the catch:

It is not the master of any of these characteristics…

You can do better if any one characteristic is important to you…

However, the Transport model combines them all and works really well for a very reasonable price.

Its a “Jack of All Trades” folding mobility scooter.

Choose EV Rider’s transport mobility scooter and you will have a decent scooter that will perform well for you for years.

You won’t be disappointed.

6. Easy Travel Elite – An Easy Steering Folding Lightweight Travel Electric Mobility Scooter

travel mobility scooter, foldable mobility scooter review

Easy Travel Elite
Total Weight64 lbs
Range per Chage5 - 8 miles (Depends on battery size - 2 available)
Top Speed3.7 mph
Weight Capacity250 lbs
Automatic FoldingNo
Battery TypeLithium - Ion

The Easy Travel Elite is a lightweight mobility scooter with a very unique design feature…

…the motor is actually in the wheel!

This will make your life so much easier as it makes your steering a lot easier and also removes an extra unnecessary bit of load.

When you fold it (It also breaks down into three separate pieces) there are no latches or locks that usually make unfolding it again a tedious and monotonous task.

That being said…

…once again, its other features are only okay, which is great for the price of the model, but there are other models that will serve you better is one was particularly important.

Also, the fact that it breaks down into three separate pieces may be an annoyance to some as the purpose of a folding mobility scooter is to keep everything in one piece.

Overall though, this is a great scooter and you should definitely check it out.

A lot of other people have found it to be really reliable!

7. Drive Medical ZooMe – A Low Cost High Performing 3 Wheel Recreational Power Scooter

power scooter review, recreational scooter, fast mobility scooter, cheap mobility scooter review

Drive Medical Zoome Three Wheel Recreational Power Scooter
Total Weight78 lbs
Range per Charge20 miles
Top Speed15 mph
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Automatic FoldingNo
Battery TypeUnspecified

This is a recreational power scooter, though still ideal as a mobility aid.

You might not believe this, but this scooter has a top speed of 15mph!

It is very easy to store and transport and, for its size, has an excellent range between charges.

This scooter is also not expensive at all relative to other folding scooters.

It has everything you could ask for:

  • Good ground-clearance
  • multiple speed settings
  • Lights and carrying basket
  • Pneumatic anti-tip wheels

The two biggest things I would watch watch out for with this scooter are:

  1. It has no backrest. If you have any back issues or if comfort on a long journey is important to you, then this scooter may not be for you.
  2. Its high top speed might lead you to use it on the roads with cars. Unlike other mobility scooters which can be used on the roads, this one doesn’t leave an awful lot between you and the hood of any potential car you have an accident with. I would urge you to always be cautious and aware when using it there.

With that being said it is a great little scooter that will get you from A to B, rather quickly, and is definitely worth taking a look at.

One Last Point If You Want To Travel By Plane

I can’t emphasize this enough, but it is important to buy a mobility scooter that suits your needs.

You need to know what you are looking for, before you start looking!

I wrote a whole article on how to choose the best mobility scooter for you and your personal circumstances which you can read here.


…for electric folding and travel mobility scooters in particular there is one more important point to consider:

  • Some types of batteries are not allowed on planes

Most of the classic batteries, such as sealed-lead acid batteries or nickel-metal hydride, are allowed.

The troublesome battery here are the newer lithium-ion batteries.

Some are allowed and some aren’t – and the reason for this is that lithium ion batteries are packing a lot of energy.

They are responsible for a lot of the increased ranges of newer mobility scooters, but they are also dangerous fire hazards if you puncture them.

Usually an airline will have a reasonable regulation – say 25 ELC (Equivalent Lithium Content).

This may vary by airline.

If you know you will be traveling by plane a lot or have a big trip in mind, you may want to consider this point and do a little bit more digging before buying.