6 Secrets To Maintaining Your Mobility Scooter For Years…

So you’ve just bought a mobility scooter.

I’m certain that after all of the effort you put into buying the best mobility scooter for you…

…you will want to make sure it is the best for a long time.

So today, we’re going to talk about mobility scooter maintenance.


I’ll share with you the 6 secrets to keep your mobility scooter running and providing benefit to you for years…

…so you can stay focused on the good things in life.

I promise these 6 secrets are easy to do and will save you money in the long run.

Put them into action and you won’t regret it.

Let’s get started…

The problems you are trying to avoid

Your batteries running out of juicemobilty scooter batteries

This could happen by either starting your journey with a low battery – in which case you are left stranded…

…check out my mobility scooter insurance article, if you think this might be you.

There is a good tip there that could help you out of that situation.

The second way that this could happen is if you don’t use your mobility scooter for a while…

…your battery will run flat.

If you let this happen, it could be quite expensive to replace your mobility scooter’s battery.

Damaging your gears by forgetting which setting you have them on

Freewheel mode is where your gears are not engaged and so your mobility scooter is easy to push or pull around when not in use

Drive mode is where your gears are engaged and your mobility scooter is not so easy to push around by hand.

This setting is for when you are using your mobility scooter.

Each mode is for a completely different purpose and should not be mixed up.

Trying to use your mobility scooter in the wrong mode could lead to damage to your gears and make your mobility scooter inoperable.

Using your tiller for anything other than steering

Your mobility scooter’s tiller is the steering column.

Using it for anything other than steering could damage it.

If you put any extra weight on it, like hanging a shopping bag on one side, then not only will it get in your way, it could also:

  • Eventually damage the alignment of your mobility scooter
  • Make turning difficult
  • Damage your tires

You need a specialized accessory – like a carry basket, for carrying bags.

Secret 1 – Make sure you know your mobility scooter inside and outhow to use a mobility scooter, mobility scooter maintenance

If you’ve put a lot of research into the mobility scooter you bought, then this step is half done already.

The secret is that…

…you need to read the manual.

It’s a boring task I know, but you need to be at least familiar with how to use your mobility scooter.

You will find little tips and warnings in your manual that will stick with you and you will be aware of when using your mobility scooter.

This kind of knowledge can go a long way to preserving your mobility scooter for the long haul.

After investing so much in it, surely its worth spending half an hour reading the manual.

Secret 2 – Look after your battery

One of the pieces of useful information you will learn form secret 1 is secret 2.

Your mobility scooter’s batteries are a vital component to achieve the top performance out of your mobility scooter.

You will get more precise information out of your operations manual, but in general:

  • Use the correct charger for your battery (some mobility scooters can be plugged directly into the wall outlet)
  • Make sure you charge your battery for between 8 – 10 hours
  • DON’T OVERCHARGE your battery
  • If you use your mobility scooter regularly charge it every night
  • If you do not use your mobility scooter regularly charge it every week

This is the same as looking after your car battery.

You don’t want to let it go too long without checking it.

Secret 3 – Look after your tires

Don’t overlook your tires.

Make sure you regularly inspect them to find out how much wear and tear they have been through.

The last thing you need is a slow puncture.

There are different types of tires you can get for your mobility scooter – do a bit of research and choose which one is best for you.

You will also need to pay attention to what kind of terrain you go over most often.

Be conscious of the fact that rougher terrain is more likely to lead to damage to your tires and so you should take extra care.

Secret 4 – Keep your mobility scooter clean

This is not just about making your mobility scooter presentable.

This secret is about keeping dust, grit and dirt from getting inside of your mobility scooter and clogging up all of the internal machinery.

This is a big cause of gear damage and motor damage.

Secret 5 – Don’t leave your mobility scooter exposed to the elements

Secret 5 is similar to secret 4 – don’t leave your mobility scooter out in the elements without any protection.

You can invest in special covers to protect your scooter or you could just make sure you have a sheltered place to store it…

…like in your garage.

Stopping the rain getting will prevent your mobility scooter components from rusting up.

A rusted motor or rusted gears will lead to under performance and also increases the chance of complete failure.

This is one of those things that just sneaks up on you, as you may not see the rust under the scooter’s panels…

…so just make sure to get into the habit of keeping your mobility scooter dry.

Prevention is always better than a cure.

Secret 6 – Get your mobility scooter serviced when it needs it

Just like your car again…

…make sure to get your mobility scooter serviced.

Experts recommend having this done at least once a year.

Nothing last forever and so even if you put a lot of effort into taking care of your mobility scooter, there may be something you overlooked.

Getting your mobility scooter serviced will start off with running a series of tests on your scooter to see how well it is performing.

If any problems are uncovered then you can have them repaired quickly and easily…

…meaning you can sleep soundly knowing your mobility scooter has still got your back and won’t break down on you when you need it most.

Want to learn more?

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They are packed full of great information:

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